Children with knee arthritis: Causes, signs and treatment of the disease quickly: Osteoarthritis in children occurs due to many reasons, different from the phenomenon of aging natural bone in the elderly. Parents need to recognize the early signs to help children get treatment early in the short term.

Signs and causes of children with knee arthritis: 

Osteoarthritis also known as Osgood-Schlatter disease, is common in children under the age of 16. Infants with knee pain will experience abnormalities, severity or mildness depending on the depth of the wound.

Parents can see the injured knee of the child swollen. The child may have pain on both sides or only pain on one side of the knee after which the persistent pain spreads to the whole body. These early signs can last from 6 to 12 months. Serious cases can last until adolescence.

knee arthritis

Children under the age of 16 are at high risk for knee arthritis for a variety of reasons


In older people, knee arthritis is common due to the natural aging process. Meanwhile, children with knee arthritis may be due to a number of causes:

An injured child: A child who has severe collision or falls from an elevated position … causes injury, the sprain is not properly cared for, leading to knee arthritis.

knee arthritis 1Osteoporosis is not properly cared for as a cause of knee arthritis

Children’s bones develop unevenly: Children’s bones often develop more slowly than the musculature. As a result, it is easy to develop uneven joint pain, which can lead to inflammation.

In addition, children with knee arthritis also caused by the body infected with the virus, bacteria, children with bone tumors or body disorders of the immune system.

What to do when a child has knee arthritis?

When the child has signs of pain, limping, pain lasted many days do not end, parents need to take the child to specialist facilities to be diagnosed in time. At the hospital, the doctor will have appropriate treatment regimen to help children recover early, leaving no complications.

knee arthritis 2

Parents should take the child to see when the children often feel pain in the joints. – Photos: Internet

Often children with knee arthritis will be treated with a series of painkillers, reduce inflammation, reduce fever slightly. Some children will need to add antibiotics to reverse the risk of infection.

In addition, children are instructed to practice physical therapy. This method is highly effective, less likely to cause unwanted side effects. In rare cases, children with severe arthritis are at increased risk of infection.

knee arthritis 3Doctors will have appropriate treatment regimens for children with knee OA

To prevent knee arthritis in children, parents need to educate their children how to adjust the intensity of exercise, exercise. Before engaging in any physical exercise, it is important to start well and relax, relax after muscle movement.

Children with knee arthritis need to temporarily stop physical activity to quickly recover. According to the doctors, knee arthritis in children is only temporary and will cure pain after the baby’s growth stops.