KEY FACTORS FOR DOCTOR STRANGE TO ACHIEVE HIS PLAN: Recently on the Reddit forum, comrade_batman users had incorporated some hypotheses to explain what Benedict Cumberbatch’s sorcerer did before he disappeared. Is that the ingredients that make up the mantras that defeat Thanos?

The Avengers 4 is getting closer and closer, but it is very little we know about the sequel to the Infinity War, even the official title. When Disney is very amusing to cover everything, we can only rely on hypotheses and speculations.

Much attention has been focused on the actions of Doctor Strange in the Infinity War and his revelation that he saw only one possibility in the 14,000,605 ability that our heroes won. “We have reached the end, ” he said earnestly after giving Time Stone to Thanos, and the message “There is no way” as it slowly dissolved into ashes.

Recently in the Reddit forum, comrade_batman users had incorporated some hypotheses to explain what Benedict Cumberbatch’s sorcerer did before he disappeared. The key elements to create the mantra of defeating Thanos.

1. Rescue Iron Man

Iron man

The first thing Strange had to do was to preserve Tony Stark’s life. Iron Man was close to death in battle on Titan, but Doctor Strange intervened when Thanos was threatening to kill his new ally.


This explains why Strange finds it challenging to fight Thanos from the beginning if he intends to transfer the Time Stone to Thanos – thus allowing the villain to occupy all the stones. The remaining polarization and execution of his superior death plan. Strange kept the rock until he had the opportunity to use it to protect Tony’s life, presumably because the genius inventor of this Marvel movie universe would have to hold onto many responsibilities in Avengers 4.

However, this can not be the whole Strange plan? After all, there are many ways you can guarantee Tony’s survival – not one over 14 million.

2. Text Captain Marvel


The following points in Doctor strange plan involved him playing the game of battle in the battle with Thanos to ensure that relevant events elsewhere would have occurred. This assumes that Strange uses the Time Stone to sweep prospective futures to help themselves temporarily clear everything to act.

The premise that the first thing he had to make sure it happened was that Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson) would call Captain Marvel before he disappeared. This is shown in the after-credit scene, showing Fury and Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) witnessing the destruction caused by Thanos and Infinity Gloves.

Maria disappeared, and Fury sent a call to Captain Marvel just before he went. His pager dropped to the ground, showing the color and logo of Captain Marvel.

Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers – also known as Captain Marvel – is rumored to play an essential role in Avengers 4 (which will be released shortly after she debuted in her solo movie). How will you defeat Thanos is still a matter of controversy?

3. Ant-Man rescued the universe


The antics of Ant-Man and The Wasp tell a story mostly separate from the dark events of the Infinity War, but the mid-credit line connects to Thanos’s look. An Ant Peer (Paul Rudd) is trapped in the Quantum Realms after his ally is wiped out.

“former” Warrior Ong has warned the ante, Janet van Dyne (played by Michelle Pfeiffer) do not fall into the “whirlwind of the time.” No other explanation has been given, but there are assumptions that he will be able to use this phenomenon to begin the story of a time travel rumored to be about Avengers 4.

All of these combined can bring our superheroes one of the millions of opportunities to recreate the damage that Thanos has caused. Moreover, who knows, there may be other factors that must occur that we can not anticipate.

More: Comic book inspired

Comic book

Interestingly, this hour-long idea is similar to that of another comic. Jonathan Hickman is a writer whose animated comic book is the Avengers’ great inspiration: Infinity War and the plot was once part of his previous Fantastic Four.

At the height of that story, the Earth is facing some seemingly unstoppable threats, occurring at the same time. Valeria Richards (the genius daughter of the Invisible Woman and Mister Fantastic) is forced to be secretive about the time – with the help of some knowledge from the future – to have 27-minute extra time, Enough to ensure the planet is not crushed.

Moreover, of course, she rescued the Earth successfully.