LG, one of the world’s largest smartphone display providers, is also embracing its own folding smartphone.

folding smartphone

This information was confirmed by Hwang Jeong-hwan, CEO of LG Mobile at the launch of V40 ThinQ a few days ago.

According to the Android Authority , the Korean company is working with partners for its first folding smartphone, but the launch time is still unknown. Notably when Hwang revealed that LG is not racing to be the first to launch a folding smartphone, instead it will wait until the right time, when the product can bring real value to the user.

Previously, LG filed a patent for smartphones, but this was the first time the Korean company officially confirmed the plan.


lg display

We are not surprised by this information because LG is currently one of the largest smartphone display providers in the world. The company has mass production of flexographic panels since 2013, and earlier this year increased its plastic flexographic display production.

In 2013, LG introduced the G Flex phone with a curved screen, the ability to self-heal scratches, and the upgraded G Flex 2 debuted two years later.

In addition to LG, Samsung and Huawei (China) are also developing smartphone screen folding, while Samsung is expected to introduce products at the developer event next month, Huawei is making every effort to launch be before Samsung.

Once we know who we are, LG has a reason to wait when the market is ready. While Samsung always says that folding smartphones will provide a unique and useful user experience, the actual reaction of the user is unknown.