LG INTRODUCED THE 4K SCREEN LG 32UK550-B : For less than $ 500, this is one of the 4K computer monitors, the cheapest HDR available today.



That’s what the LG 32UK550-B brings, a 4K screen, 32-inch display and HDR10 support.

According to Engadget , the 32UK550-B also features AMD FreeSync technology up to 60Hz, covering 95% of the DCI-P3 color gamut to meet gaming needs, basic design. The company also calibrated color for the screen when shipped.

Many technologies are available, but the price of 32UK550-B in Japan is 55,000 yen ($ 485, 11.3 million).

Of course, to get cheap, you’ll have to trade something that includes a narrower VA than the IPS. If you want an IPS, you have to choose the 32UD99-W model at twice the price ($ 1,100, 25.6 million). Next is the brightness of only 300nit, which does not meet the minimum standard of DisplayHDR but is sufficient for medium conditions.

LG 32UK550-B will be sold in Japan on October 11, there is no official price information for the product.