MAKE “LOBSTER” LOBSTER WILL CUT ITS PAIN WHEN BOILED LIVE: Lobster is known to be boiled alive to maintain freshness. A restaurant owner in Maine, United States wants to do it more humane: Make lobster “excited” before cooking them. It’s a good idea, but is it really that effective? Let’s find out.

Blowing smoke into the water is not likely to work

“Lobster” live seems particularly in human, and early this year, Switzerland banned the implementation of this method. However, the question of whether lobster can feel pain or not is still debated. “They can feel the environment,” said Bob Bayer, executive director of the Lobster Institute at the University of Maine. “They probably do not have the capacity to regulate pain,” and What a lobster really feels is a longstanding question in science and in animal rights organizations.

However, even if the lobster feels pain, marijuana may not help. Dawn Boothe, a professor of pharmacy at Auburn College of Veterinary Medicine, has several surmises that in certain cases in certain animals marijuana can help relieve pain. But it is far from us to say that lobster exposure to marijuana is less painful, or even more exciting.



Boothe points out two things:

First of all, we do not know for sure that lobster has receptors (receptors) needed to interact with THC, the active ingredient in cannabis that prevents pain. Some invertebrates have receptors that interact with the active ingredients of marijuana, some not. And not necessarily, the receptors that interact with the active ingredient in marijuana will be responsible for suppressing the pain. And once again he reiterated that it is unknown whether lobster has these receptors.

Second, this particular restaurant owner – Charlotte Gill – probably did not do the right thing. Gill said she put the lobster (named Roscoe) in a box with a lid with some water, then blew the marijuana smoke into the water.

As Boothe points out, marijuana smoke into lobster juice does not guarantee that marijuana is introduced into tissues that contain pain receptors (if they exist). In other words, even if lobster has the necessary receptors, blowing marijuana through water will not bring the marijuana into their bodies.

Putting lobsters in ice may be the solution

This is not to say that there is only human need. Many animals are more complex than lobsters, and scientists are trying to study how marijuana affects them – in other words, they will perform tests without government restrictions on the use of lobsters. fall into the study. Right now, we do not know much about whether marijuana is effective for dogs and cats, and we are not sure about the side effects.

lobster 1

For lobster, there may be another way to reduce pain: putting them in cold water can numb them before processing. Or simply we can stop eating them.