SAMSUNG GALAXY A6S WILL BE THE OFFICIAL NAME OF THE UPCOMING GALAXY P30: So this is not a new phone line of Samsung as the previous speculation.



According to PhoneArena , Samsung is reportedly preparing to launch a mid-range smartphone called the Galaxy P30. However, just a few days ago, many sources from the production chain claimed that this was not the last name of the device. Instead, it will be introduced as a new member of the Galaxy A Series.

At that time, the final name of the device was still a mystery. But recently, a “trusted” source confirmed the final Galaxy P30 will be introduced with the official name is Samsung Galaxy A6s.

Samsung Galaxy A6s will be widely available in many Asian markets, which are mainly focused on the large Chinese market – this device will play an important role for the return of Samsung in the Chinese market. along with the Galaxy A7 (2018) and the upcoming Galaxy A9 Pro (2018). However, when it comes to international releases, sources say the Korean tech giant may choose another name to distinguish it from the current Galaxy A6 and Galaxy A6.

Samsung Galaxy A6s will officially be introduced on October 11 along with the Galaxy A9 Pro (2018) senior. Currently, Samsung has not revealed the price of these devices.