If you are a modest lover, then do not worry that this hormone can be boosted by the consumption of “double mountain” foods.



Chestnut stewed pork leg:

is no coincidence that the foot rolls (nail pork) was dubbed the “super food” for the girls want to be within 1 bouncing. In the foot of pork containing systine, myoglobin, known as a rich source of collagen to help tighten the ring 1 as well as increase the size of the “double mountain” of women. 

In addition, pork leg also contains a lot of vitamins A, B, iron, colloids and fat not only increase the size of round 1 but also have the effect of blood tonic, reduce neurasthenia. 

Chicken green papaya stew:

For a long time, green papaya was highly feminine in helping to improve round size 1. The reason is that according to some scientific analysis have shown that in papaya contains protein and lexithin is capable It stimulates the production of female hormone estrogen from which the size of the “double mountain” is significantly improved. In addition, the amount of enzyme found in green papaya (but not too young) is often higher than that of papaya. It also contributes to female hormone supplements and promotes the development of breast muscle.

avocado smoothie

Chicken soup green papaya salad is a dish with a simple way of processing the flavor of the bar is very easy to eat. If you regularly eat this soup 2-3 times a week, after a few months you will be surprised by the visible change of the first round.

” If you consistently use avocado smoothie for 1 month, you will notice the “miracle” effect of this vitamin to round one. 

Vitamin butter mint
Looking for a dish smoothie beverage helps to moderate effect sizes within 1 capital increased its humble? Then I definitely should not ignore this recipe of avocado smoothie. The amount of unsaturated fatty acids present in the avocado increases the elasticity of the breast tissue.
In addition, a variety of vitamins A, C, E promote the secretion of female hormones as well as prevent deformation of the chest, helping to increase the size of the “double mountain” very effective. 

If you consistently use avocado smoothie for 1 month, you will notice the “miracle” effect of this vitamin to round one. 

Eggs, milk and dairy products

Persistently apply a breakfast menu with a glass of milk and a chicken egg to boost vitamin A and B levels to synthesize hormones in the female body. Make your first round of flourishing over time. 

Green papaya

Not only stimulate the milk gland for mothers after birth, green papaya when combined with some other nutritious foods such as pork bone, red leg, red beans … also support fat tissue, increased breast size. 


is a famous food containing many vitamin E (per 100g of nuts have 8,33mg vitamin E), peanut (also known as peanut) helps your body enhance the excretion of tonic, making The breasts become more rounded.

” Regular carrots – large amounts of estrogen and sugar beets are rich in iron, not only high in fiber, but also in the growth of the digestive tract.”
Carrots and sugar beets

Regular carrots – foods with high levels of estrogen and sugar-rich beets in the diet every day not only fortify the digestive system, but also facilitate Round 1 development. In particular, iron in sugar beets also increased the desire “love”, making the sentimental life of women sublimation, more fulfilled.