As the default browser on Windows 10, why is it that more and more users are upgrading to the latest version of Windows?


Windows 10 is close to surpassing Windows 7 to become the most used version of computer operating system in the world. But why Microsoft Edge, with the advantage of “home”, is still the opponent left behind?

According to third-party research data, Google Chrome is the top choice with over 60% market share on the PC, while Mozilla Firefox is runner-up with less than 10%. Despite the new features and improvements, Internet Explorer is still surprisingly popular, while Edge is far behind with just over 4%.

Microsoft has frequently used controversial tactics to promote the use of Microsoft Edge, but ultimately the software giant’s browser is still behind competitors in the PC environment.


However, to find out why Windows 10 users do not stick with Microsoft Edge is not easy. There are a number of possible reasons, including the reasons we will discuss today.

Microsoft’s “too enthusiastic” attitude in promoting users to use Microsoft Edge is part of the problem. Whether we are referring to desktop ads, pop ups, or emails that are frequently sent to our customers, it’s possible to see that Microsoft’s tactics are counterproductive and that people It tends to switch to Google Chrome rather than sticking with Edge.

Next, the Microsoft Edge update feature contributes a lot to the user’s “estrangement” with it. Edge only receives updates as part of the new feature release of Windows 10 and this happens twice a year. Meanwhile, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are tweaked with much more frequency.

microsoft edge

And needless to say, the overall stability of the application is more relevant to users switching to using a third-party browser. Searching in the Feedback Hub, Microsoft’s favorite feedback platform on Windows 10, shows that tens of thousands of users are complaining about slow browsing speeds, crashes, freezes, and other irregularities. with Microsoft Edge.

In fact, many of these issues have been fixed, or at least improved, and Microsoft says it will continue to refine its browser experience in coming updates. Microsoft hopes user feedback will help them further improve their browsers.

User comments posted in the Feedback Hub show that not everyone is happy with the performance of Microsoft Edge.

User Vladimir N posted about a month ago: It’s funny, but it looks like Internet Explorer works much better than Edge on most websites, especially YouTube. Instant download, Internet explorer also uses less computer resources. ” “Edge spends a lot of time waiting for feedback from the web, while Firefox and Chrome seem to receive immediate feedback,” Colin W. said .

Meanwhile, Microsoft seems increasingly focused on making Edge more advanced on mobile platforms. They regularly release updates to this browser on Android and iOS. Edge is also part of Windows 10 Mobile, but with the current status of the platform, Microsoft has shifted to concentrating its efforts on its browser on competing platforms.

Windows 10 October 2018 Update, which will be launched next month, will also have improvements for Edge (although its market share has not recently increased significantly). However, getting the new features is definitely an important thing for everyone, as it is by any means the default browser, and it will increasingly get more improvements from Microsoft.

What do you think? Is Microsoft Edge a worthwhile browser or is it behind rivals like Google Chrome, Firefox? Why do not you use Microsoft Edge daily?